Chopped Worm Fish Gallery

 An Oxfordshire beauty nearly 30lb
29lb 2oz of stunning Oxfordhire carp. This fish usually comes out over 32lb
 32lb Linear from the Colne Valley. This fished is called the Cut Tail Linear and is an old original.
 25lb Common carop from Farlows Lake
Another picture of the Cut Tail Linear at 32lb
 A strange looking 21lb mirror
A 25lb 12oz mirror from Thorney Weir in West Drayton.
A cracking scaley mirror caught from a low stock lake 2012.20lb


22lb 6oz of stunning mirror carp
My first fish from the small pit. A wood carved 20lb fully scaled mirror. The greatest looking carp I have ever seen. One of only 28 fish in 5 acres!!!
 24lb common carp from Twynersh fishing complex pit four.



 20lb two tone mirror from Hardwick lake Oxfordshire Linear Fisheries
 Another small pit mirror caught in 2013. The only fish to show for five days of consecutive fishing.
My greatest carping achievement. Top Pond Common from the notoriously hard Keston Ponds at 20lb on the money. This fish is over 50 years old and is rarely landed.
 A 25lb Hardwick Mirror
scraper 20lb common from another hard lake. This fish is one of 20 in 24 acres. The venue was Chertsey on a Cemex ticket. I fished the season there with Terry Hearn who later went on to catch the big mirror at 54lb!!!!

A beautiful 8lb 2oz tench from the small pit






A 5lb+ Eel

PB Eel

4lb 8oz Eel

5lb 11oz

3lb 8oz

5lb + Eel from a 100 acre sand pit


My first double figure Barbel caught from the upper stretches of the Medway in 2013. At 10lb 8oz I was elated.

7lb 10oz

8lb 8oz

8lb Barbel from the Medway
8lb 14oz


PB 11lb 7oz

Another shot of my 11lb Barbel



5lb 10oz Chub caught from the Medway using traditional methods that included using my faithful centerpin reel.

A 4lb+ Chub from a tiny river
5lb Medway Chub


A 5lb+ River Eden Chub

5lb Chub from the Eden



5lb 11oz of Thames chub. 30.01.2016

An upper Medway chub


My PB pike at 14lb


3lb 1oz River Perch

11lb of wild common caught surface fishing on a lake in Cornwall

Another smaller but perfect wild looking common

A small but scaly mirror from the small pit

A dumpy small pit mirror at 20lb

Not big but a cracking looking jack pike caught on my local lake on a plug
 12lb 9oz Bream from a southern gravel pit.
 A nice double figure bream
9lb Bream from a small water


An immaculate 22lb common
This cat put up a great fight and at 49lb 4oz (UK) I couldn’t complain
2lb 6oz 8dr of Specimen Rudd
PB 2lb 11oz Roach
2lb 6oz Roach
2lb 2oz


2lb on the money

2lb 10oz Norfolk roach


 1lb 12oz
2lb 9oz


Joint PB 2lb 11oz
A different 2lb 6oz Rudd
A scale perfect roach weighing exactly 2lb from a 36 acre Oxfordshire gravel pit
PB 3lb 8oz Rudd
3lb 8oz Rudd PB. Proper old warrior

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