Korum Cup Runner-up


I am happy to report that I was shortlisted for the 2016 Korum Specimen Cup and was a runner up in the respected competition. The nomination was mainly down to my roach catches of 2lb 9oz, 2lb 11oz and a massive 3lb 11oz roach which was the largest of the season. I had a very hard session on Lochnaw with only two fish for the whole week and the conditions were far from suitable. I braved it out for a week in high winds and really cold conditions on my own. I even had to climb a tree to get signal to talk to the kids and the misses. I have a blog post on the session if you wish to read more. I then moved onto my ticket water Higbridge Fisheries in Norfolk and caught an amazing 3lb 11oz roach that won a weekly Korum cup and the monthly prize. I am really happy to be a runner up in such a difficult competition and maybe one day I could win it. The main thing is to enjoy my fishing and hopefully catch some cracking fish along the way.


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