A Spot of Carp Fishing – The Dead Pit

12/08/17 – After having spent a good ten nights fishing for a massive eel I felt it was time to have a break and decided to fish for some carp in a local wild and weedy lake. The lake is only about 2 acres in size and is packed with Canadian pond weed making the fishing a little tougher and the water crystal clear. The dead pit, as I’ve named it, contains around twenty or so carp to about 19lb but size is irrelevant as the fish are stunning fin perfect specimens. The reason for the nick name “the dead pit” refers to an incident at the lake a few years back when all the carp died and it had to be restocked.

I decided to fish to clear spots within the weed and opted to fish with only one rod to make landing any hooked fish easier. My hook links consisted of eight inches of 12lb Drennan braid tied to a size 10 super specialist barbell hook in conjunction with a two ounce inline lead. I fished a 12mm hair rigged robin red pellet with a PVA bag of pellets complete with some loose feed over the top. It wasn’t long before the swim was alive with bubbles from fish feeding in the silt.
The first take came at around 8pm and after weeding itself up I patiently dragged the ball of weed complete with my prize into the waiting landing net. Peeling back the weed I didn’t know what to expect and was happy to be greeted by the sight of a scale perfect common as black as tar. After some pictures the rod went back out and it didn’t take long for it to be off again. This time a beautiful mirror of 15lb was in the net, result. My last fish was caught at 1.30am and turned out to be a stunning little linear of around 8lb. Following this flurry of catches in quick succession I decided to reel in my rod and bait the swim before settling down for some much need shut eye. I set my alarm for 5am and cast the rods back out in the morning but no more fish were landed. I will be back down the lake for another session and feel there could be surprise or two waiting. I wonder if any of the original fish survived?.
To be continued…………………………………………….



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