Fishing For Rudd But Catching Carp

05/08/2017 – Its August and I couldn’t help but have a go for the species most associated with Summer, the beautiful Rudd. I decided to fish a lake that I managed to catch a cracking 3lb 8oz specimen from 2014 (pictured below)and hoped that I could repeat my success and maybe even up my PB. The Rudd have been caught to 4lb in this particular lake and it could hold some even bigger uncaught bars of gold.

I had planned to fish a two night session and arrived on the lake at around 5pm, had a quick chat with the fishery manager and head over to my chosen swim. It was a lovely evening and I watched the water for signs of Rudd as the sun set behind the silhouettes of the chalk cliffs. Unfortunately I didn’t see a thing and I settled down for the night dreaming of holding a 4lb Rudd!!.
3lb 8oz PB, 2014
Suddenly I awoke to a screaming bite alarm and made the treacherous journey of eight feet to my rods stumbling over large boulders and hardcore. Who would have thought that moving such a small distance could be so difficult however I made it and grabbed the rod engaging the bait runner and connecting with the fish. The fish just kept on going and there was no stopping it until I felt the horrible sensation of grating on the line which indicated that it had found sanctuary in some snags. Blimey I thought, that’s got to be one big Rudd. The lake bed from around 20 yards out is covered in thick sunken trees and a fish in this is usually a guaranteed loss, it was not looking good.

After twenty minutes or so with no movement and after trying every trick in the book I decided to have one more go at getting the fish to move. I applied a bit more pressure then I originally wanted to and then held the rod until I felt a kick and then applied some more heavy pressure. I have used this many times for weeded fish and catch loads that bury themselves deep. Slowly she started to move and after ten more minutes she was out and in open water. I couldn’t believe my luck but patience had prevailed and now the battle began. The fish plodded around for the next ten minutes and eventually she was in the net. Result! I should mention that I was using 1.5lb test curve rods, 6lb mainline and a size 12 hook.

The fish was a special one and in the light it revealed its true beauty. A mahogany coloured fish carved from wood and an extremely rare catch from this water. There are only a few carp in the lake and the bailiff confirmed this one had never been caught and was one of the originals stocked in the mid 1960s. What a special catch, immense battle and one I will always remember. I decided to go home the next day and although I hadn’t caught my intended quarry I was a happy man.

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