Chasing Gold – PB Rudd

As my readers will know I have been after a large Rudd for a few weeks now and have put in a considerable amount of time for them at a special southern water that contains some monsters. I managed to up my PB to 2lb 6oz 8dr on previous sessions but didn’t expect to catch such an amazing fish as I did to end a fruitful campaign for such a magnificent species.
It was the day before fireworks night and to be fair I was out the night before and had a few drinks so in the morning I wasn’t feeling my best. On top of the hangover I was developing a cold and was close to staying in bed all day watching some selective TV. I managed to gain the strength to get the kit ready, get in the car and on my way to the lake. The weather conditions were horrible with heavy rain and strong winds forecast for the entire 48 hours.
I set up my new reels complete with  Drennan supplex 6lb main line and tied my rigs ready to cast out, get in the bag and go to sleep. Eventually I managed to get to sleep and it was at about 4am my left hand rod screamed into action. I could tell it was a decent fish by how it held itself in the 14ft deep water and when I lifted the net I was sure it was over three. On the scales she went 3lb 8oz and smashed my previous PB by over 1lb. The fish was a proper old warrior with golden flanks and blood red fins. After the catch I was so happy my cold disappeared and I decided to call the session a day when the morning arrived. I had planned a 48 hour session but I was so ill and had achieved my goal that it wasn’t going to do me any favours staying.


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