Specimen Rudd Fishing

13/10/14  – 15/10/14 For me specimen Rudd are the ultimate coarse fish for two reasons, their beauty and rarity. I can only name three accessible waters that hold Rudd to over 3lb so when a friend advised I fish a lake in the south where the average size fish is over 2lb I couldn’t refuse. The lakes in question are fairly well known now on the specimen scene and having produced fish to over 4lb I’m convinced a record is around the corner.

I was lucky enough to be given access to fish the main water that holds the larger specimens but after a night and day trying my hardest I just couldn’t find the fish. There was a heavy easterly wind blowing over the open lake and I think the Rudd had shoaled up in the deeper water. Not to be disheartened I moved to another one of the lakes on the complex that also contains three pound plus fish.I decided to use float fishing tactics during the day and fish with the feeder during the night. The float method proved in effective due to the weather conditions making it near impossible to keep it where I wanted so I switched to feed tactics. As the night approached I managed a few small carp and then it was morning with no Rudd to show for my efforts.

I had one more day to fish but had to head home for 3pm so set about a new area of the lake in deeper water. It didn’t take long for a few large Rudd to show and after my fifth cast the rod pinged backwards and I couldn’t tighten it up indicating a fish had picked up the bait and was swimming towards me. I struck into the drop back bite and wa

s met by a firm resistance but after a few seconds the fish threw the size 12 barbless hook. I was gutted because I had worked so hard for a fish and I had potentially lost a three pounder. I decided to push my time to the limit and fished on until an hour before I had to leave when my rod bent around and I connected with a large fish. I played it really gently and slid the net under a monster Rudd. On the scales she went 2lb 6oz 8dr and was a new PB. I couldn’t believe the size of this Rudd and the pictures really don’t do it justice. I am going back down at the lakes this weekend and think that I can winkle out some larger fish. I will keep you posted and explain my rigs in more detail following my next session.

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