New Challenge – The Sand Pit

The Sand Pit is a 92 acre lake situated in the South of England. This lake contains some magnificent carp up to nearly 50lb and has a good stock of 30s and 40s however, it is far from easy and many anglers have blanked in a season on this tricky venue. I am looking to put in a couple of months of hard fishing in the hope of catching one of the lakes elusive residents with the main target being a 30lb + fish. As I write this I have already done five nights without success but I am sure if I continue to put the time in I will see some reward for my efforts.

01/07/14 – I did three nights on the sand pit following the five night session at the start of the season. Again I blanked but feel I got a really good understanding of the topography of some of the more productive swims. Four fish have been out but were underweight and damaged which indicates that they have recently spawned. Following this information I have decided to leave the lake until the carps condition improves following spawning and concentrate on other species like Eels and Rudd. I will be back down the lake in August hopefully to succeed and catch a carp from the Sand Pit.

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