Bewl Water

22/09/13 – I have always wanted to test my fly fishing skills at the famous Bewl Water home to some huge trout of both the rainbow and brown variety. The lake also holds some spectacular looking blue trout know for their superior fighting power. I have only been fly fishing once prior to this outing and I am a complete novice at the art however, I love the light rods, flies, roving the water finding fish and the constant action of withdrawing the fly in hope of that immediate bite.

My fishing buddy Danny and I arrived at the lake at 9am and booked a boat from the boat house. I was amazed at the condition of the water and surrounding grounds that were immaculate. The boat, equipped with a petrol outboard was a great piece of kit enabling us to move around the water chasing fish. We began our session in a small bay where immediately fish began to rise and it was looking positive with both Danny and I optimistic of the day ahead. I started with a dry fly as recommend by the boat man and Danny a slow sinker.

During the day we tried numerous areas scattered across the 600 acre water but with no luck. The weather looked reasonable and the sky overcast but there was no wind to note. A slight breeze would have made conditions perfect and maybe have encouraged the trout to feed more confidently as the fishing was slow on this particular day. At around 2pm I managed a bite and then at approximately 4pm we found some fish moving rapidly on the surface feeding. I cast in their direction and had a take but didn’t manage to hook it but Danny with a great cast managed to pick one off and landed a beautiful rainbow trout of around 2lb. The fish put up a  great fight making the lightweight fly rod bend double.

As the evening drew in the fish began to show and the lake came alive. A section of the water in a small bay seemed to attract all the anglers that were fishing directly towards the cages that are partially submerged and hold the juvenile fish prior to them being released into the water. We fished this area for an hour or so but had no luck in catching. I ended up blanking but had a great day out and will definitely be back to improve my fly fishing techniques.

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