Twynersh Pit 2 2013

After three years part time I have now finished my degree and can concentrate on my fishing. I renewed my ticket for my local lakes but as they have a closed season I was back down Twynersh to feed my addiction and catch some hard fighting carp. My original plan was to jump on pit 4 for four nights targeting the big commons that reside in the quiet lake located at the back of the complex but this was not to be.

On arrival I head directly down to pit four excited with the knowledge that I would be the only one fishing the lake during mid week and had a great chance of catching some superb looking carp. To my disappointment and disbelief there was an 80 tonne digger in my swim digging up the surrounding group and dumping it in the lake. Many of the trees lining the lake had been removed and it looked a mess. Apparently the lake is being opened up so it can be fished by more people. The plans are to shallow the lake to “make it easier to fish” and put an island in. In my opinion the lake was great as it was and will now be just another bivy lined pressured carp water. I understand the potential for making money of such a lake and making it more accessible to fish but this was the one lake that actually made Twynersh worth fishing for a number of anglers regular to the complex. I’m sad to say that after ten years fishing Twynersh this would be my last session, I was truly upset.

After my bitter disappointment encountered on pit 4 I decided to settle on pit 3 and then later in the session pit 2. Pit 2 was fishing well and after speaking to the regulars it was apparent that a few thirties had made an appearance. I settled in a corner swim looking forward to the chance of a carp or two.

I changed tactics to accommodate my margin fishing methods. I created some tightly packed small PVA mesh bags filled with boilies and some crumbled up. These were connected to simple supple braid hook links tied to a size 8 Drenham star point. I decided to fish the margins on the drop of as I know this is an effective method on this lake.

Day one  passed uneventful but on day two my right hand rod rattle of at mid day. The fished pulled hard tyring to reach the dense shrubs and felled trees located in the lake corner. I managed to get full control and guide the fish into open water when the line went slack. I reeled in the rest of my set up and checked the rig. Nothing seemed out of place and I come to the conclusion the hook pulled. I was really expecting a few fish from the trip as the lake is heavily stocked and is not a hard lake to tackle. Compared to the usual 30 fish in 20 acres fishing it should have been a doddle. These fish are extremely pressured and have wised up in recent years.

After losing that fish I felt disappointed. I wanted to get of the mark quickly hoping to bag a few in the long session. I quickly put the left rod back out and just as I was standing by the alarms I looked at the other rod poistioned slightly further out to the left hand margin. Somehow I just knew it would go off and immediately it did. I grabbed the rod quickly and a amazing fight followed. The fish would not stop, diving for any cover within reach. Eventually, with an aching are I netted a beautiful mirror carpof 22lb 6oz.

The next two days passed along with only a small common to show for my efforts. The run came at midnight to the right rod. I didn’t weigh the fish but it was around 14lb. I ordered a lamb vindalloo on the last evening but the delivery man could not get it over the 10ft barbed wire security gate. I was extremely funny with him passing the dishes individually under a small gap at the base.

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