Trout At Cotsworth Mill 2013

Back in April 2013 my mate Joe asked if I wanted to try out some fly fishing at a small fishery located in Oxted called Cotsworth Mill. The venues mainly caters for weddings but as a subsidiary business the lake are well stocked with trout. For around £10 you can take home three fish and fish the whole day which is more then enough considering the average size is 4lb to over 10lb!There are three lakes on site that contain both Brown and Rainbow trout of excellent quality.

If you just want to practice your fly fishing skills

then I recommend the stock pond as this is more suited to beginners. The other two lakes, although reletivley easy are larger and locating the fish requires a more experienced eye. The staff at Cotswoth Mill are extremely friendly and helpful. You can hire any equipment necessary to complete a days fishing and the tackle shop located on site contains everything you would ever need when fly fishing.

We arrived at the lakes at around midday and I was amazed at how small the lake was. We fished the stock pond where the fish jump on your line but it was a great chance to experience fly fishing. Casting was difficult at first but I managed to get the hang of it and began to practice different retrieves. Within the first ten minutes my mate Joe had landed a fish and the I was in. The fight was completely different to what I was used to and I lost a good fish.Great fun on such light rods and

I managed five fish in the day up to about 5lb and a few pints in the pub located on site. It was a great day out with my mates and something different that I am really pleased I experienced. I will be back to Cotsworth Mill when my freezer becomes void of trout. All the fish we caught during the course of the day were in excellent condition with vibrant colours and put up a strong healthy fight.

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