Medway Barbel 2012

08-07-12 – After some great success on my local lake I thought it was about time I head down to the river Medway to finish what I started the previous year (catch a double figure barbel). I will be putting in a lot of time on the river this year to succeed and catch my target fish. I have my night permit now so feel I have doubled my chances. With some great advice from a regular fishermen who mentioned the river is in prime condition I rigged up my barbel rods and went on my way.

On arrival to the river It looked perfect for a fish with slight colour and good flow. I decided to fish one rod with a 12mm pellet and another with a 14mm halibut boilie fished in the deep margins. My right rod whipped round and I hooked a fish but instantly I was aware this was no barbel. A weak fight followed and I netted a small spawned out chub around 2lb. At this point I decided to set the bite alarms up so I could catch up on some shut eye. I was awoken at around 2pm when a screamer from my left rod materialised. I woke up not knowing where I was and grabbed the rod striking into thin air. It took me a few seconds to realise that it was my other rod going of and so I dropped the right one and picked up the left. The fish put up a great fight and I landed my second barbel from the Medway at 3-4lb. At this stage I noticed a couple of anglers were on the river and probably had a good laugh at my unprofessional capture (picking the wrong rod up, nearly falling in and getting tangled up with my other rod).

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