The Eden – 11th March 2012

We headed down to our stretch of the Eden at Penshurst on the last weekend of the season to see if we could tempt some of the elusive Chub. Both Daniel and I had fished this stretch for Chub before with little luck but knew it held god fish and so though persistence would be the key.
We arrived about midday and travelled very light, fishing bread flake on a long shank hook and only a couple of SSG shot to hold the current. I fished an area to the far bank just past the break-water, this looked like a place where Chub would hold up awaiting a tasty morsel to be swept down by the current.

After ten minutes my rod began to twitch and before I knew it the rod swung around and I was into a good fish. The fish fought well taking my drag as it darted for the bank, but I managed to play it out of danger and Daniel netted it masterfully (nearly falling into the river!).

The fish was a stunning 4lb Chub,an a new PB for me! The fish was safely returned to the river and although no more Chub came our way it made for a great way to end the season.

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