Sevenoaks Pike

16/10/11 – It is now pike season and so I decided to wet a line at my newly joined lakes located at Sevenoaks . Today’s weather is unprecedented and it was at least 22 degrees which during October is extremely unusual!!!. I completed a quick session with my mate Jamie lure fishing taking minimal equipment and covering a lot of water. On my first few casts both me and Jamie hooked into a pike which considering the conditions, bright and sunny, was a great start, however they both escaped. Two for the Pike, fisherman nil.

It wasn’t long before I had a small pike of around 4-5lb in the net. Caught on a large single hook shad and I was more than happy. Jamie an I covered lake 1 which at around 20 acres took a lot of walking and then we headed down to lake two which is around 140 acres!!!. We tried most fishable swims down one side of lake 2 and eventually Jamie caught a pike of around 5lb on a plug. Following this we headed back to lake 1 where I had another beautifully marked pike, again at around 4-5lb on a plastic worm. (top pic)

During the rest of the session we hooked into around eight other pike which escaped, but no monsters. For four hours fishing in less than ideal conditions we were happy with the days outcome and headed back home. These fish were great sport on 8lb line and a small spinning rod. I will be back for one of the monsters the lakes hold and if they are as beautifully marked as these fish were they are well worth catching.

23/10/11 – Fished at Sevenoakes with my brother again lure fishing for pike and perch. We decided to start on lake 1 and John managed to hook but shortly lose a fish of around 5-6lb. The weather was great and we explored lake 2 walking up the bank fishing is permitted from. I hooked into a good fish which let go of my green shad in the margins. Two twitches later I had the same fish on again but it let go. This repeated two more time until eventually the fish disappeared. I am unsure why I didn’t hook into the Pike. Our estimations from a quick glimpse of the fish was around 10lb. We ended the day with no fish but a great day out fishing.

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