Barden Winter 2010/11

12/02/11 – Spent a day dead baiting but this time with more sucsess! Early on I struck into a decent size fish but the hook wasn’t set and the fish got away. Dad caught a small Pike of around 2.5lb on a worm close into the snags and soon after Daniel arrived I followed up with a Pike of about 5lb. Unfortunatley the pike was hooked through the gills and this caused lots of problems unhooking the fish. In the end we had to resort to cutting our net, which too had got tangled with the hook. Thankfully this worked and the pike was put back unharmed. JW

06/02/11 – Again, no Pike, water still wasn’t fishing particularly well according to baliff. Tactics again were dead baits in the bottom swim. JW

30/01/11 – Spent a day dead baiting to the end swim. Conditions perfect with strong winds. No Pike, water didn’t seem to be fishing particularly well. JW

14/10/10 – On the 14th October 2010 we made our way to Barden for first Piking outing of the winter. Conditions were ideal for big Pike and both Daniel and I decided that we would spin instead of opting for dead bait. This option allowed us to walk around the surround stream which branch off the Medway River. As day past and evening approached and we made our way to our favourite swim on Barden Lake. Whilst there I was encouraged by signs of small fish jumping and I decided to try the next swim on which looked like a good bet! Within a couple of minutes my rod was bending over and stuck into my first Pike, a whooping 11lb!! The fish was a fantastic specimen and it fought well on the light rod that I was using. After landing the Pike we packed up and left feeling rather pleased. It was a hard days Piking having walked over four miles but a very enjoyable one! JW

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