Back to the Eden

On Saturday the 8th of August 2010 I decided to go back to the River Eden in search of some large Perch. My plan was to fish a paternoster rig with a live bait. The other rod would be fished for the chub with just a couple of split shot and a long shank hook fished with lob worm. Phil, my mate decided to join me on the session but was not going to fish. We arrived at the river during darkness at around 5am and headed straight for my favourite corner swim. After an hour or so my chub rod bent round and I caught a nice 2-3lb chub. It seemed slow going so decided to set up in the small weir further upstream. My first challenge was to catch a live bait for my paternoster rig which after an hour or so I was successful at. A small minnow was hooked top lip first onto the long shank hook. After half an hour the rod began to shudder and I hooked a fish. It was a perch and although not big (around 8oz) It was my first perch live baiting and I felt an achievement. With the light enhancing as the day developed the chances of a big perch had become slim and I concentrated on the chub.
We moved to a swim further upstream which I knew usually holds a few goo chub. As I put on my Polaroid’s I was amazed at what I could see. There was around 6 chub moving quickly at the back of the river bed all of which were over 4lb and two over 5lb!!!. I had a few casts to see if one was interested but they turned their noses up at the free offerings so I moved to the swim next door and have a look. Under a raft I could see a big chub moving in out of the overhang. It was only when it moved out of the cover and moved over a sandstone rock that I realised the true size of it. Honestly it was over 7lb and it was a truly amazing fish. I also spotted another large fish hanging in the water which if a chub would have been a British record but I came to the conclusion it was a carp.
I flicked my lob worm out around the area I spotted the fish and the rod immediately bent around. The fish put up a great fight and I was sure it was the big one I had spotted earlier. Phil helped out with the netting and a 4lb chub was banked (pictured above left). It was a stunning fish but not the big fish I had seen. I will be back to catch that one.

Sunday 9th August 2010
Decided to complete another session to try and bank the large chub I spotted yesterday. The river was dead but I managed to bank 2 chub to around a pound. It was not the best fishing session but was enjoyable apart from the weather. I will be back to catch that mysterious chub.

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