1st Chertsey Session

My ticket arrived for Chertsey on the 2nd April. I could not wait to get down there for my first session and was soon getting prepared. New leadcore leaders were attached to my mainline and some new rigs tied up. My bait for the spring would be Nutribaits trigga ice a favourite for when the weather warms up. The stock is still unknown as the lake has been closed for two years following maintenance works. The big mirror however was out on the second day of the season to a guy named Oz at 43lb 10oz. There are some big commons in the lake that should be pushing 40lb if not over. The lake also contains some specimen Roach, Tench, Bream, Crucian Carp and Rudd so there are many possibilities for a great catch. The river Bourne runs behind the lake an offers barbel to double figures, carp, roach and chub so as a whole the ticket offers everything. I settled in at the shallow bay end of the lake and fished with small 8mm fluro peach pop ups on chod rigs.
The night passed un-eventful but I managed to find out some information on the lake and had a good look around to familiarise myself with the new water. Just as it was getting dark a man walked into my swim that I instantly recognised as Terry Hearn. I am a big fan of Terry Hearn and have read both his books cover to cover (a few times). He has done so much in carp fishing and has caught some of the most elusive carp that swim in English waters. In the morning I reeled in the rods and walked to Terry’s swim where I had a good chat with him about his book and possible target fish for the future. He’s a great bloke, I wish him all the best in his fishing and I’m sure there are many more big fish to fall to his rods. So in summary no fish but a great session. I will be back down there in a week or two for a longer session.
Below (Me and Terry Hearn)

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