4lb + Chub from the Eden

If you have been following my blog you will know that I have been after a 4lb chub from the river Eden. I have caught them up to 3lb and had many 2lb Chub but really want to catch a specimen. I decided to go down to the river for a few hours taking with me minimal amount of kit. Free lining bread with a split shot 10 inches from the hook I bounced the bait down the steady current in my favourite swim pictured above. The weather was perfect for fishing today. The water level had dropped from the flooding level it was up to and was nicely coloured. My quiver bent around on the second cast and I was in to a decent fish. It took me left into some snags but I managed to pull it clear and net it quickly. I asked a man walking his dog if he could take some pictures and he did. The chub had a mouth like a bucket and when weighed she went 4lb 10oz which is a new personal best and a great fish from any water.
I am now aiming to catch a 5lb chub and so will keep you updated on my winter fishing trips.

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