Carp at Twynersh 2009

During 2009 I visited Twynersh fishery regulary for a few carp sessions. Out came my delkims and loads of other associated carp equipment. I had completed some reaserch on the venue but as allways on a new lake i did not know what to expect.
I decided to concentrate on pit 2 which holds many resonable sized carp. Pit 3 also looked good but Ididnt have the time or money needed to put in on that lake to be sucessfull . I was however interested in pit 4 as it holds some huge carp that may have never seen a hook before. I did walk around there once and saw two fish in the snags one a common and one a mirror. The common was arounnd mid 20s but the mirror im sure was over 40lbs (It was massive).

I decided to begin my Twynersh sessions on pit 2. I began by using simple bolt rigs in conjunction with inline leads. I had seen many fish bosch out in the middle of the lake so I decided to cast straight top of the.( little did i know this was not the correct approach). After a day and night of no fish i decided I was doing somthing worng.

On a second trip i decided to fish the margins. They drop quickly to deep water around 10-16ft depending on what swim you are fishing. I decided to fish with 8mm tigernut bolies tight to the snags with PVA bags on simple bolt rigs with inline leads. I baited the area with a fair amount of tares, hemp and corn with an added attractor. Backleads were placed on the line to eliminate carp spooking.
The night passed through and no fish untill around 6am. My left hand rod whipped round just clinging to my delkims. I had tightened my bait runner to try and slow the carps retreat into the snags and it had worked. The fish pulled clear of danger and i played it in open water. It put up an amazing fight and was an extremly healthy good looking common carp pictured right. At 22lb I wasnt complaining and felt i had acheived my goal. 20 minutes later a 12lb common fell to the same rod followed by a 20lb common a 20lb old looking mirror and an 18lb mirror both on the right rod. All the fish were immaculate and were of a good english strain.
I continued to fish Twynersh on the occasional weekend and had good success. with a beutiful apple scaled mirror weighing 22lb pictured below. My mate had a 26lb common and a 22lb common again both beautiful dark scaled fish.
I did go for another carp session at Twynersh with my brother just before the cold weather set in around October 2009. As soon as we had our rods out down in the margins my brothers right hand rod screamed off. Stumbling down the bank with a beer in his hand he pulled into a decent fish. Unfortunatly the fish got the last laugh and snagged him up. We were both gutted but had only been there for 3 hours and were staying two nights so it looked promising. The time flew by and we had no more takes. Just as we were about to pack up my left hand rod pulled round and I was into a fish but it was quickly lost when the hook pulled. It just wasnt to be and although enjoyable no fish fell to the net, but thats fishing.

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