Lac St Cassien 2009

I am lucky enough to have an aunty that owns a villa situated in the south of France next to the famous Lac St Cassien. Cassien hold huge carp challenging world records. Carp have been caught to over 70lb catfish over 200lb!!!!!. The lake is huge, thousands of acres and was a manmade lake for hydroelectricity dammed in the 50s-60s. The fishing here is hard but rewards can be spectacular and well worth ago although you need to invest money and put in time if you want to succeed.
I fished two days taken my baits out by boat and dropping them 300 or so yards out (my rods pictured below). Ideally you need a good boost because of the topography of the lake. Where there are so many large rocks and canyons on the lake bed the carp can snap your line on them unless you are directly above them hence the boat. Another tool I didn’t have was an echo sounder which allows you to see what feature are on the bottom of the lake. I managed to get a bite on my left rod but am sure it was a bream. Anything that makes you buzzers go off on Cassien is exciting.

I didn’t catch anything on my days fishing Cassien apart from sever sun burn. The lake is amazing and I was lucky enough to witness a 38lb Cassien carp be caught by a German (I think). What a fish pictured above left. Below are some other carp from Cassien. I am to return to Cassien next year July 2010 and will update my blog hopefully with pictures of an elusive Cassien carp in my arms.

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